The Importance of a Stylist

The best fashion move I ever made was enlisting the services of a professional stylist. Several years ago, I became acquainted with Rivka, a brilliant stylist who had been working with women with all kinds of budgets for over 30 years. At the time, I actually thought I knew what my colors were and was … Continue reading

An Afternoon with Bill Cunningham

“ Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”  This is the quote that sent me off in search of what I perceived to be a kindred spirit in Bill Cunningham.  Yesterday, I went to see the movie “Bill Cunningham New York” and I was not disappointed.  I’m embarrassed to admit that … Continue reading

The Gift of Eye Candy

I almost never just throw on clothes. Every outfit is thought through from the perspective of a theatrical performance. What that means is I consider the people with whom I’ll be interacting (cast/audience), the places (set), and the purpose or goal (plot) for the activities that comprise the day ahead. The gift of a piece … Continue reading

A Matter of Style – Part II

How would you style a vivacious and accomplished 47 year-old woman?  First stop, take an inventory of current, possibly out-dated, pictures related to how you present yourself and collect some new adjectives for how you want to look in present-time.  I settled on a picture that was about comfort with some edge.  I wanted to … Continue reading

A Matter of Style – Part I

Do you have your own personal style? Over the years I have read lots of books that describe how to create a signature style. In my 20’s, I thought I would be about scarves. As it turned out, it was not the best choice in the arid climate of the City of Angels. In my … Continue reading