The Gift of Eye Candy

I almost never just throw on clothes. Every outfit is thought through from the perspective of a theatrical performance. What that means is I consider the people with whom I’ll be interacting (cast/audience), the places (set), and the purpose or goal (plot) for the activities that comprise the day ahead.

The gift of a piece of eye-candy cannot be underestimated. Personally, I love being in the presence of a well put-together person. Their choice of color and texture and the fit and drape are savored. And I delight in a sweet surprise like a pop of color, a beautiful accessory, or unique combination of patterns or textures. Moreover, I’m fascinated by the story they are telling with the particular costume they’ve assembled. All of this is as gratifying to me as the first bite of hot fudge sundae from Ici. Sometimes, I’ll say to someone, “Thanks for bringing the eye-candy!”

A few people have told me that they look forward to seeing me because they want to see what I’m wearing. They report being consistently charmed. There are people about whom I have a similar anticipation – Rivka, Judy, Janet B., Faye, Gini, Colin, and Ronn. What’s so bad about bringing a bit of visual pleasure into the lives of the people that cross your path.


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