A Matter of Style – Part I

Do you have your own personal style? Over the years I have read lots of books that describe how to create a signature style. In my 20’s, I thought I would be about scarves. As it turned out, it was not the best choice in the arid climate of the City of Angels. In my 30’s, I wore a lot of baggy flowing “goddess” wear as I floated though the beautiful land and peoplescape of Marin.

In the past few years, I’ve examined a lot of my beliefs in a range of areas including personal style. For instance, it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized I was still operating from the point of view of a 16 year-old when it came to my wardrobe. Either I was a teenager playing dress up at work or I was a teenager grocery shopping on Saturday morning. Oh yeah, and a chubby 16 year-old to boot.

On top of this adolescent foundation, I began to notice that my wardrobe was no longer relevant. While I was working, I had a very clear sense of what my work wardrobe should be as a human resource manager for a high-tech company. However since having left my career for a life of relative leisure 10 years ago, I had not deliberately created a new wardrobe for myself.

So there I was, 18 months ago, reinventing my personal style for a grown up woman in an urban setting with quite a lot of free time, aside form some frequent social engagements. I had also decided to shed those last troublesome 20 pounds I’d been carrying for 10 years.

I began with a blank canvas. Who do I want to be now that I’m grown up?


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