Notes from a Middle-aged Fashionista

In just under a month I will turn 49 years old and the count down will begin to what I hope is the biggest celebration in my life thus far.  I am very proud of all that I am today though it may not seem particularly stellar in worldly terms.  Still I am truly happy and best  of all becoming quite comfortable in my own skin and those things that delight me.

One realm that gives me particular pleasure is the intersection of art and fashion.  I’m old enough now and have the means to have assembled a basic wardrobe that is flattering and of good quality.  The only thing left to do now is have fun, and that has been my focus for over two years now.

I almost never just throw on clothes. Every outfit is thought through – mood, current body, destination, and most importantly, what is the effect I want to create.  This doesn’t mean that it takes me hours to get dressed.  The truth is I’m often thinking, planning, imagining, getting inspired, having new ideas about how to combines different pieces to create an outfit that feels good and looks fantastic.  In fact I do most of the work of getting dressed as I drift off to sleep or in the shower, so that by the time I’m actually getting dressed it’s only a matter of minutes.  Parties or special occasions are different, of course.  More on that later.

The gift of a piece of eye-candy cannot be under estimated.  Personally, I love being in the presence of someone who is well put together.  Just like being at an art gallery, I savor their choice of color and texture.  The fit or drape may inspire me.  I even delight in a sweet surprise like an unexpected pop of color or an artistic accessory.  All of this is as gratifying to me as that first bite of a hot fudge sundae.  “Thanks for bringing the eye-candy!

The edge I am grappling with these days is how to be fresh and somewhat daring while remaining age appropriate.  About three years ago, I started skewing too young, and a stylist friend had to reel me back in.  That’s what this blog is going to be about – dressing artfully for the woman of a certain age and substance.


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